Introduction – The Satirical Observer

Welcome to our blog.

We are a group of collaborative individuals serving a singular goal. To proliferate our perspectives of the current world climate in order to discern our position in society. At the SO we are free thinking, free spirited and always opinionated. We believe in every individual’s ability to become a beacon for goodness, hope and guidance. Our voices reflect our stance, our words carry with them the notion that the intellectual prowess of our peers is enough to create a viewpoint more in line with reality than the one fed to us by the mass media. We are not here to sugarcoat and mislead. Each of our authors takes an oath to tell the truth and follow journalistic guidelines for integrity, morality and virtue.

We hope you, our valued readers, are entertained, enlightened, intrigued and inspired to share what you learn here. We ask that you come with an open mind, for it is only then you can gain all that we have to give. The pen has always been mightier than the sword and we are indomitable.

So welcome fellow Kings and Queens of your respective worlds, welcome to our court.

respectfully yours,

Fahad Iqbal

Editor in Chief


Human Rights Activist

Political Commentator

Graphic Designer